Counselling and consultancy in the workplace

Increasing Morale and Achieving Goals

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woman leads a group discussionStruggling to maintain focus on your goals? Feeling stressed but worried about approaching management?

If you’re finding it harder to achieve your goals or if you’re struggling to work in harmony with your client population, Granville Consultancy provides the inspiration that you need. We offer onsite counselling assessment and our consultants offer professional help and advice that stops the job getting you down. Worried about approaching your management for support or unsure of how to approach your management? Please call us today on 020 8315 0598 where a professional consultant will be able to advise you on the best approach.

Although our team is highly experienced in dealing with personal problems, we understand that many common issues relate directly to an organisation or a place of work. Granville Consultancy understands the delicate nature of workplace conflicts. We help our clients remove their emotional blocks and open the path to individual and organisational achievement.

We can help assist you on obtaining strategies to best manage the issues that you are facing. Remember, if you need to talk here at Granville Consultancy we are always ready to listen.

What can we offer you?

  • Team Building Sessions
  • Team Rebuilding Sessions
  • Workplace Conflicts Resolved
  • Emotional Blocks Removed
  • Maximum Potential Realised
  • Goals and Objectives Identified
  • Professional Career Advice
  • Managing Change in the Workplace

We build our workplace counselling and consultancy services on helping clients to maximise their genuine potential. By identifying problems and implementing the right strategies with our counsellors, clients experience improved morale and reach their targets more consistently. Our counselling services extend to all individuals, groups and teams.

Granville Consultancy works in close partnership with businesses nationwide to help increase staff retention levels, improve productivity and create a sustainable business structure. Our consultants travel to all locations throughout our working area to help business clients stay inside their team building budgets.